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ESTO installment – Don’t want to pay the full amount at once? Pay by installments!


Use ESTO intallment when paying for your products or services. It is the most affordable, convenient and fastest installment payment in Estonia! Please contact ESTO või Vingelaud.ee customer service in order to receive the installment link.

When paying, select the appropriate period, the amount of the monthly installment, and sign the agreement digitally with the ID card or with the Mobile ID.

The ESTO installment payment is an extremely fast and convenient payment solution that helps you to set up a payment schedule based on the period you have chosen, in other words pay by installments. This payment solution makes a credit decision in real time and helps you make a purchase in less than 60 seconds.

ATTENTION! Every installment is a financial obligation. Before signing a installment agreement, check the terms and conditions of the service and consult with an expert if necessary.

ESTO installment provider is ESTO AS (register code 14180709).

The standard terms and conditions of the ESTO installment are as follows:

  • Interest from 0%
  • Contract fee from 0 euros
  • Period up to 4 years

All 18-70 years old citizens of the Republic of Estonia can apply for ESTO installment. It is also possible for the legal entity to make the  ESTO installment payment quickly and conveniently.

Every financial decision is accompanied by risks and responsibilities, so please consider carefully the need for loan. For example, for a EUR 1059 loan amount of 24 months with a fixed interest rate of 13.90% per annum and a contract fee of EUR 13.90, the annual percentage rate of charge is 38.14%, a monthly payment is EUR 60.72 and a total repayable amount is EUR 1457.28. Installment is a financial obligation and check out thoroughly the terms and conditions of the contract and, if necessary, consult an ESTO AS employee or other experts before making a decision.